OPINION: We Must Be Dreaming

“We Must be Dreaming” is the title of David Bert Joris Dhert’s first feature documentary, screened at the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival, although what he really meant to say was “We Must Keep Fighting”. Two major sports events – the Olympic Games and the FIFA Cup – take the center stage, while Rio de Janeiro is the lead character. Using a series of seemingly disjointed shots, the director paints an unlikely portrait of the Brazilian capital before and after the Olympic Games, going past the fake smiles and the festive decor. People are mere puppets on the global capitalist stage that shows no regard for human rights, just facts and figures. His encounter with an activist photographer and the members of the local community will give him food for thought as he takes a closer look at the people who have been forcefully uprooted to make way for the necessary sports facilities for the events. A low-fi masterpiece that exposes change for what it really is: a grotesque farce!

“We Must be Dreaming” screened during the 8th Ethnographic Film Festival – Ethnofest

Xenia Sotirchou

Watch the trailer below:

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