REVIEW: Finish Line by Eliana Abravanel

How does a shepherd, a barefoot warrior and the oldest Marathon runner in Greece pull off one of the toughest courses in the official marathon circuit? “Finish Line” is here to provide all the answers, documenting fragments of the everyday lives of three very different people, whose only common denominator is their unwavering dedication to long-distance running. Sharing their daily routines with director Eliaba Abravanel, we get to watch them prepare for the biggest race of them all, the Athens Classic Marathon. Their willpower, persistence and commitment defies age limits: the three of them, each for their own reasons, started running at a mature age, but it never stood in the way of their dreams coming true. On the contrary, they are living proof that inner strength and tenacity trump the number of years they’ve spent on this earth.

Light years away from big city life, they charge their batteries in close proximity to nature, proving the most important thing in life is freedom. For Idomeneas, freedom is intricately entwined with the discipline and simplicity of the ancient Greek lifestyle. Andonis on the other hand, stays in shape through sheep herding and never forgets what his teacher once told him: “Not everyone is made for higher education. The world needs shepherds too!” As for Stelios, he’s gotten it into his head to become the oldest marathon runner in the world and get into the Guinness Book of Records. Standing out from the crowd despite themselves, these people are not interested in attracting attention. Fame and fortune means nothing to them. The journey is a lot more important than the destination, and that’s the story this simple, yet beautiful film tells so well.

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