A workshop with Tomer Heymann!

Tomer Heymann’s two-day workshop was a big success, under the support of Exile Room and the Embassy of Israel. Through extracts of his films, the director presented his own point of view on the world of creative documentary.

From the way you are going to present the credits at the beginning of the movie, the importance of contrasts in a film, until the final cut of the scenes in montage, Tomer explains that the creation of a documentary demands devotion, personal contact with the characters and a lot of open-minded spirit. It is very important not to insist on our first ideas about the documentary we want to make, but rather go with the flow of things- the final result may be much more rewarding than the initial.

Next, the participants had the chance to ask the director about their concerns. Amongst them, matters of ethics and personal responsibility came up. Tomer points out that we have to be very careful when deciding which scenes will be included and how we will narrate our story. It is very important that we do not expose our characters in a way they do not approve. The reason is simple: they have trusted us. If they ask you to delete a scene because they are embarrassed about it, you must cooperate.

All the participants were glad to attend the seminar. Tomer concluded that documentary- making demands personal emotional risk.

Marianna Arfara

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