LITTLE WIZARDS: Animation Workshop Shorts

If animation is the entertainment of choice in your household, why not help teach your kids how to make their own? The Little Wizards workshop introduces children to a variety of animation techniques using optical games and a playful educational approach that will help turn filmmaking into the most exciting game they’ve ever played! Check out the films we’ve made with our little students so far…

“And the Winners Are…”

Three groups of kids create twelve imaginary creatures, winning points for collaboration and unbounded creativity!

“The Duck Detective & the Mystery of the Jungle Disappearance”

When the musical instruments of a band disappear into the jungle, the Duck Detective has to solve the mystery!

“Dancing Wishes”

Credit crunch be damned! Our Dancing Wishes video is the most practical and affordable gift you can send your loved once to wish them a Happy New Year!

“The Little Greedy Extraterrestrial”

Once upon a time, there was a little greedy extraterrestrial, who was crazy about music thrillers. He liked to spend endless hours watching TV, gobbling down pop corn and looking at scary video-clips. His poor TV couldn’t take it anymore, it was fed-up! But this little greedy extraterrestrial refused to give up…

“It Doesn’t Resemble Anything”

The inspiration for this short film was the the Punto y Raya (Dot and Line) Festival in Barcelona. Based on questions such as “How would you describe your circle?” “Can circles speak without words?” “What kind of movement does a certain piece of music inspire?” we played with soft and aggressive lines, as well as playful and often edible shapes, and came up with a short film unlike any other!

“Two Suns”

Nine children, aged 7-9, were divided in three groups. Each one received a pack of colored paper and was asked to create a small story/character. The end-result yielded a stray cat that was chased under a bench, a frog that turned to gold and a hungry bear that built a fire. Combine them and you get a whole new world with Two Suns…. One episode visually blends into the next, accompanied by sound effects especially created for the film by the children themselves!

“Underwater Concert”

A cowgirl asks her eagle friend to escort her to a classical music concert. At first he’s not in the mood, but in the end he takes her up on her offer when a devious idea enters his mind. As soon as the two of them arrive at the concert hall things begin to happen… and the event turns into something completely different!

“It’s Raining Bananas!”

The storyline skips from one idea to the next in a seemingly disconnected scenario, created by eleven children, aged 7-12. Using different techniques, they developed plots that turned out to be quite… bananas!

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