MASTERCLASS: Sergio Oksman, 27-28/04/2016

 MASTERCLASS: Sergio Oksman 

Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28/04, 19:00 – 21:00 @ Exile Room

For the duration of two days, Sergio Oksman will dissect his own and other people’s movies, showcasing how reality and fiction feed off each other in documentary filmmaking. The workshop will explore the boundaries that divide the two and how the filmmaking toolkits of each one can be implemented in the other. From the concept all the way to the final cut, he will answer every question, discuss the doubts and moral dilemmas that come up along the way, as well as talk about the scripting, shooting and editing process of recreating reality.

Born in Brazil in 1970, Sergio Oksman studied journalism in Brazil and film in New York. He has been living and working in Spain since 1999, where he currently lectures at the Madrid Film Academy, ECAM. He is the founder of Dok Films, while also working on creative side-projects that often follow a strict investigative process into a personal or imaginary history. He has made seven features, as well as a number of shorts and TV documentaries that have screened at over 200 festivals, winning international awards.


Free entrance, no reservation necessary

With the support of AC/E Acción Cultural Española and the Spanish Embassy in the Athens

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