Old father Zaharis

“Life is like a rosary. With the new technology, the man cut off the string and the beads have scattered away. He must get them back before it’s too late. The rosary may not be the same as before, it may be shorter and probably lacking some beads, but it’ll still be a rosary.”

According to the doctors, old father Zaharis’ life should have ended at his forties, but the power of the human resolution proved them wrong. Today m.Zaharis’s 88 years old and lives under circumstances that no human being is able to even mentally conceive. The simplest sort of action looks impossible for him. But the mobility (and not only) problems he faces have never even once discouraged him from enjoying the joys of life. “ I say to myself: I won’t die! I’ll live! I since then believed in life.”

In a small village of Crete, m.Zaharis occupies his time with gardening and gives lessons of philosophy of life. In this featured production,old father Zaharis concludes:”This is life! If you dare, bear with it! If you have courage and trust in yourself then you’ll be alright”.

Special thanks to Michail Maniadakis for sharing this production with us.

Marianna Arfara

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