{SCREENING} The wondrous universe of Jean Painlevé on 21/12

 DECEMBER: Nutty naturalists 

Can naturalist documentaries be considered a real art form? Exile Room has the honour of introducing you to two innovative filmmakers who operated in the early 20th century – back when the world was still considered something of a wonder – turning shrimp, octopuses and invisible microorganisms into a kaleidoscopic fantasy.

 The wondrous world of Jean Painlevé 

Thursday 21/12 at 21:00 @ Exile Room

Director: Jean Painlevé / Country: France / Duration: 90’

Vampire bats, sensual octopuses, miniature predators, dancing sea horses, delicate invertebrates and spectacular microorganisms star in the masterful short films directed by Jean Painlevé, the ingenious filmmaker-scientist-inventor who first popularized scientific discoveries. Capturing his charming characters with innovative equipment he often made himself, he accompanied nature’s bizarre choreography with classical or jazz music and a rather sardonic voiceover, breaking the boundaries of nature documentary. Attracting the attention of the surrealist movement, it would be said the industrious Frenchman unwittingly flirted with avart-garde filmmaking! Exile Room is happy to present a carefully selected short program consisting of seven films, directed between 1928 and 1978, celebrating a fascinating, multi0disciplinary talent that changed the face of science.


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