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VALERIE KONTAKOS – producer/director

A native New Yorker, she moved to Athens in 2003. Upon finishing NYU film school she worked on features and commercials until she met and worked for David and Albert Maysles and decided to concentrate exclusively on documentaries. Her work has aired on PBS (USA), WNET (NY), ERT (Greece), YLE (Finland), EBS (Korea). Her films have been shown at various film festivals and WHO’S ON FIRST? won best documentary in 2007 at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. She has taught at Queens College, CUNY and is currently on the board of directors of the Greek Film Archive.

Despina mikro

DESPINA PAVLAKI – journalist / producer

Born in Athens, she studied Communication and Mass Media in Athens and Documentary Filmmaking in Barcelona. She learned little at school and lots on the road. She’s currently living and working in Greece as a journalist, translator and children’s books writer. She has worked at festivals in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus, while in the past five years she has been exploring documentary research and production.


THANASIS PATSAVOS – journalist/ festival programmer

Born in Athens, Thanasis studied Communication and Mass Media and has worked in almost every aspect of the filmmaking industry, from film extra to distribution. Most recently, he’s been working as a journalist and film critic for both print and online media and has steadily lent his film programming talents to the Athens International Film Festival. He has been curating the Exile Room documentary screenings since September 2012.

Exile Room: 12 Athinas St, 3rd Floor, Monastiraki (opposite Metro Station), Tel: 210-3223395, Fax: 210-3223396

Contact us: [email protected]

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