{SCREENING} Spettacolo on 15/02/2018

 FEBRUARY: Life Immitates Art 

Does life imitate art or the other way around? Boundaries have never been blurrier in these month’s documentaries, where reality proves to be the biggest role some people have played in their lives.

 Spettacolo (2017) 

Thursday 15/02 at 21:00 @ Exile Room

Director: Jeff Malmberg, Chris Shellen / Country: USA / Duration: 91’

Once upon a time, villagers in a tiny hill town in Tuscany came up with a remarkable way to confront their issues: they turned their lives into a play. Every summer, their piazza became their stage and residents of all ages played a part – the role of themselves. Monticchiello’s annual tradition has attracted worldwide attention and kept the town together for 50 years, but with an aging population and a future generation more interested in Facebook than farming, the town’s 50th–anniversary performance just might be its last. Jeff Malmberg (“Marwencol”) and Chris Shellen’s film “Spettacolo” tells the story of Teatro Povero di Monticchiello, interweaving episodes from its past with its modern-day process as the villagers turn a series of devastating blows into a new play about the end of their world.

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