Docs on Wheels at Veria and Xanthi in July

Wanna know what we’ve been doing over the summer? We’ve been touring the countryside! Docs on Wheels, our itinerant documentary program, stopped at the Northerly town of Veria July 9-14, at the impressive Central Public Library for two screenings and a documentary & animation workshop under the guidance of Ioanna Giakoumatou. The participants, who defied the oppressive heat, flocked to the “Portraits in Motion” workshop, both from the town of Veria and the surrounding villages, and worked overtime to bring their stories to life. And very soon we’ll have a video to prove it! 

Before we go on our much-needed summer break, Docs on Wheels will make a last trip to Xanthi on July 28 & 29 for two riveting screenings and a workshop. Armed with a smartphone and a photo from the past, we’ll create short autobiographies that speak through images in a collective short documentary with instructor Giannis Misouridis. The workshop, titled “Smart Stories with Smartphones”, will take place at the Xanth TechLab and it’s free of charge. The age requirement is 16+ and there is no need for previous audiovisual experience. Just bring your cell phone!

The screenings of “Salam Neighbor” and “Song of Lahore” will be hosted by the Historical and Folklore Museum of Xanthi in collaboration with FEX.

Find out more about our trip to Veria:

Find out more about our event in Xanthi:

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